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Luscious,Long-Lasting Castile Soaps for Healthy Skin SOAP FACTS

We’ve always loved soaps – good soaps – especially the way they make your skin look and feel. We use all natural or organic additives, herbs, oils, colorants and fine quality essential oils (eo) for scent. We also use Arkansas spring water in all of our soaps. Some of the herbs used we raise ourselves – mint, lavender, sage and aloe vera – makes our soaps as well as our yard look and smell great! Our soaps are great for hair, face and body; why buy 3 products when one will do?

Our pure Castile soaps are 100% Olive Oil, the finest, most gentle and natural soaps around. All of our natural handcrafted castile soaps contain at least 25% moisturizing glycerin, a natural byproduct of the soap making process. Most commercial soaps remove the glycerin to use in other products, making the soap drying to your skin. We prefer to leave the glycerin in our soaps, making them extra moisturizing on your skin.


When drying yourself off, PAT your body with the towel, don’t rub! This will keep the moisturizing oils from our soaps from being rubbed off, protecting your skin and helping keep it moist and supple. Some folks just run around naked till they drip-dry!

Soap Care: All soaps should be kept dry so they don’t melt away. When kept dry between uses, our soaps last twice as long as commercial soaps, due to the high oil & glycerin content. Use a soap dish that keeps the soap high and dry!

Soap Prices: As with all fine, handmade soaps, our soaps are priced by cut weight. Many commercial soap companies whip air into their soaps, making a large, light bar that is quickly used up. Our dense castile bars weigh approximately 4 ounces, and are priced accordingly. Considering how they moisturize and condition your skin, how long-lasting (and habit-forming) they are, our soaps are well worth the price.

We invite you to use and enjoy our fine castile soaps – they are long lasting and luscious, and safe for even sensitive skin. We look forward to filling your healthy skin care needs – so treat yourself to some good “clean” fun!!

We also make bath salts/foot soaks, foot powders, spritzers, sachets, and bath/massage oils – all natural, of course, and some dandy natural wood soap dishes! MERMAID SOAP FACTORY

109 S. Conley St. Monticello, AR 71655
870-460-9809 creativekidstudio@live.com

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