French Prairie Farm


We are currently offering pastured chicken, pastured eggs, and pastured lamb, as well as heirloom, open-pollinated plants and produce. The lamb eat only grass, forage, and supplements such as kelp and vitamins. Both the laying hens and the broilers (meat chickens) are heritage breeds, move often to fresh grass, and feed on organic, GMO-free, soy-free feed.

Our family seeks to return to the tradition of the small family farm, producing quality, nutrient-dense food in a manner that protects the welfare of the animals and enriches the soil. Although we are not certified organic, just like your grandparent’s farm, our farm animals are not exposed to all the health dangers of modern agriculture practices. We use old-fashioned ingenuity to raise the animals in a relaxed, natural environment, but also take advantage of modern technology such as portable fencing and water systems to achieve better results. We never use any chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, or conventional feed or medicines, maintaining organic practices which increases the nutrition in the food we produce.

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