Great Day Natural Produce

I have a market garden at my home on the outskirts of town in north Pulaski County. I grow vegetables and flowers year round.

I endeavor to harvest as close to market day as possible, but the fast maturity of some summer crops necessitates a longer harvest period during the week. Any foods harvested will be put in refrigeration or coolers promptly to ensure freshness.

If you are ever dissatisfied with the products you receive from Great Day Natural Produce, please do not hesitate to contact me for a full refund.

I do not use any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. To enrich the soil, I use manure, compost, rock minerals, and fertilizers and “teas” made from plant products and rock minerals. That is also all I use on my seedlings before they go into the garden.

My goal is to use the best quality products and materials in order to minimize potential health and environmental impacts and to reduce use of precious, non-sustainable resources. Research and education on these things is an on-going endeavor.

Much of what I supply to Locally Grown is not packaged, in order to reduce waste. Most packaging is biodegradable. The bags come from Trellis Earth, Inc. The company’s website says that its products are made largely from non-food stocks (bamboo, corn and tapioca) and are fully biodegradable without any toxic residues.

Contact me
You are welcome to visit my garden. I am learning too, but welcome questions from home gardeners to help them be successful., 749-2062.

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