Arkansas' Killer Tomato Farm

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This grower uses synthetic fertilizers and/or pesticides.

Arkansas’ Killer Tomato Farm
A small 395 tomato plant farm in its first year of operation trying to utilize the least amount of chemicals possible located next to the Arkansas River in Toad Suck, AR is growing some fine Arkansas Tomatoes.

In a nut shell, i tilled in about 6 yards of compost (the real deal) into a patch of land appx 110’ * 60’ which created 8 – 100’ rows giving about 5’ between each row. After all the rain in May (19" what???) destroyed my plants, i replanted and now have 347 plants that are growing quite well and 100’ of okra.

After replanting, i placed soaker hoses down each row separated in the middle (@50’)by a homeade pvc/hose irrigation system time controlled and covered with sheets of newspaper and then pine needles for mulch. I actually have 395 plants staked with 8’ wood/bamboo stakes and i’m using sisal to tie them up. About 50 plants i don’t think will produce much. My intention at first was to use no chemicals but as of Monday that has changed – i used a copper fungicde to control what appears to be blight and thuricide to control some catapillars.

Just started getting some ripe Tommy Toes…Anyways…the medium and large tomatoes are about a month off from being nice and ripe. Also, will have a bunch of Okra (2 varieties).

I Am planning on donating at least 20% of the yield to good local shelter/charities…stay tuned… and selling the rest at the Certified Arkansas Farmers Market in Argenta,thru conway.locallygrown.net, and maybe at the Farmer’s Market, Conway.

I will update the pics in the photo album (see above) periodically to show the stage the farm is in. Feel free to check it often.

Especially for those who miss the taste of a good ole Arkansas tomato, if you would like to pre-order tomatoes in quantities of 25lbs please shoot me a request by email and i will respond.

The tomatoes, just like me are following the Son! Feel free to join in!!

Ketchup with you later,

Brian Isaac

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