Farm Girl Natural Foods


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we are a small farm producing high quality grass-fed meats and seasonal heritage produce through sustainable, integrated farming techniques on 18 acres in central Arkansas. In a few words, that mouthful means our meat and produce is as natural as sun, soil, and water. While we are not certified organic, we find that sustainable practices and “slow food” concepts are key to producing quality natural foods. That’s why we depend on careful management to integrate all aspects of the farm into a productive, beautiful ecosystem. Key practices such as rotational grazing, companion planting, holistic veterinary medicine, as well as many others contribute to the sustainability of our farm while ensuring gourmet flavors. We believe this integrated approach to agriculture truly speaks for itself in the quality and flavor of our products and the vitality evident on our farm.

At Farm Girl Natural Foods, our animals are happy, our veggies are happy, and the soil is happy!

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